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  Power Supplies >> BP Series Biased Power Inverter >> Bipolar Bias Power Supply

Bipolar Bias Power Supply


The power supply is used in electrical arc ion plating, DC magnetron sputtering, magnetron sputtering ion plating, unbalanced magnetron sputtering, and twin magnetron sputtering systems for substrate bias during film deposition.

The main features of these power supplys include: glow discharge substrate surface cleaning, ion bombardment during thin film deposition, substrate surface temperature control, neutralization of surface charges on insulating materials, and so on. Using proper biasing parameters, one not only can avoid surface arcing to increase products yield but also can enhance surface smoothness and thin film/substrate adhesion.  When using pulsed biasing, the arcing energy can be restrained during  glow discharge and thin film deposition to ensure an excellent substrate surface without damage.  Besides, a higher bias voltage can be applied in the pulsed bias mode than that in the DC bias mode, and the substrate temperature can be controlled via the adjustment of the pulsing frequency and duty cycle.  In additions, the bipolar pulse power supply can effectively avoid surface charge accumulation and arcing on insulating materials so as to improve process efficacy and reduce materials defects.


The power supply is specially suitable used for fabricating dielectric and ceramic films such as Al2O3 and TiO2.

By proper adjustment of the positive and negative pulses as well as the duty cycle during deposition, the cumulative charges on the dielectric surface can be effectively neutralized and consequently, electrical arcing on the substrate can be mitigated significantly.



Main characteristics

  1. Advanced switching technology with small footprint, stable operation, low noise, and low electrical interference
  2. Auto current stabilizing function rednering stable operation under highly fluctuating electrical load
  3. Multiple circuit protection modes in the BP Series reducimg frequent arcing during operation and enabling continuous and stable operation under high-frequency arcing without circuit damage
  4. Multiple output modes on front panel facilitating flexible adjustment of the pulse bias, pulse duration, pulse frequency and so on


Main Specs:

Pulse bias: 50V - 1000V continuously adjustable
Positive polar: 10V - 100V continuously adjustable
Frequency: 40kHz - 80kHz continuously adjustable or fixed
Duty cycle: 10% - 80% continuously adjustable
Output power: 5kW, 10kW, 30kW, 50kW, 70kW, 100kW



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