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  Power Supplies >> High Voltage Pulse Modulator >> High Voltage Pulse Modulator

High Voltage Pulse Modulator

The pulse modulator is suitable for plasma immersion ion implantation, high energy ion mixing, elementary doping, thin film adhesion enhancement, surface stain-stress manipulation, high energy plasma nitriding, and so on.   

The pulse modulator can be applied negatively pulsed high-voltage to bias substrate for surface treatment. When the substrate is immersed into plasma ambient and biased by the  pulse modulator, high electric field can be built up around the substrate and the surrounding ions in the plasma will be accelerated to bombard into the substrate surface. By adjusting the output parameters of pulse modulator, such as output voltage, pulse width, frequency, the ion penetration depth, the number of incident ions and ion heating effect can be controlled.

Easy Touch control

Multi-step process by program setting

Multiple over-current sensing and protection

Real-time monitoring of running status of load voltage

Auto capacitance discharge and load grounding when stop operation



  • Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
  • High Energy Ion Mixing & doping
  • High Voltage Glow Discharge
  • Thin Film Adhesion Enhancement
  • Strain-stress  manipulation
  • High Energy  Plasma Nitriding

 Technical Specs

  • Output Voltage:  5kV - 40kV
  • Pulse Peak Current: 30A
  • Pulse Width: 10 microsecond - 500 microsecond
  • Pulse Frequency: 10Hz - 1000 Hz
  • Power Input: 3-phase 380V, 60A, 50Hz

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