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Broad Beam Ion Implanter

The system has equipped with a pulse-mode metal cathodic vacuum arc source for metallic ion generation. The ions can be extracted by acceleration grid upto 30kV-80kV for ion implantation.

The system possessed with broad ion beam F150mm with high ion fluent is used to perform large area implantation >F150mm to acquire high doping concentration within short processing time (10e17 atom/cm2 will be less than 1 hour). In additions, the off-axis rotated substrate with cooling assemble allows excellent uniform implantation and good implantation quality.

The system is controlled by PLC protocol with Touch Screen Control Panel that offers friendly automatic operation. The implantation dose can be precisely controlled by pulse counter and the process can be highly automated, safe and efficient.


  • To dope semiconducting, nano/micro-structural materials with foreign elements
  • To produce high energy metal ions for surface modification of ceramic, polymeric and metallic materials
  • To change the surface composition of materials
  • To do the surface irradiation so as to form different microstructures of materials

Model : HEMII-80
Chamber : SS 304 steel; F400mm x 500mm
Pumping System : Turbomolecular pump; Mechanical rotary pump; Pneumatic gate valve; Foreline valve; Rounghing valve; Venting valve
Ultimate Pressure : Better than 8 x 10e-5 Pa
Substrate : 150mm; Water cooled and satellite rotation
Metal Source : Pulse mode operation; Pulse width 1mS; Pulse frequency 1-30Hz
Output Voltage : 30kV-80kV
Beam Size : >F150mm
Non-uniformity : <+/-5% of F150mm
Control Panel : Touch screen PLC control
Interlock & Protection : Vacuum & cooling water interlock; over-current & over voltage protection



  • Ultra Broad Ion Beam for Large and High Uniform Implantation
  • Widely Adjustable Ion Implantation Voltage
  • Pure Metal and Alloyed Elements Implantation
  • Real-time Implantation Dose Counting or Pulse Number Counting
  • Substrate Independent
  • Easy Touch-control






Product Brochure


Download "HEMII-80 Brochure"





Implanter Characteristic



Download  "Ion charge state and velocity datasheet"


Download  "SRIM Software"




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