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Vacuum Systems
Power Supplies
Plasma and Ion Sources
Sputtering Targets
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  Vacuum Systems

 Magnetron Sputtering System 

 Hybrid Ion Implantation and Deposition System 

 Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation PIII System 

 Micro-arc Oxidation MAO System 

 Broad Beam Ion Implanter 

 Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc System 

 Atomic Layer Deposition System 

 Tetrahedral Carbon taC Coating System 

Power Supplies

 MS Magnetron Sputtering Power Supply 

 BP Series Biased Power Inverter 

 AP Series Arc Power Inverter 

 MAO-I Micro-arc Oxidation Power Inverter 

 High Voltage Pulse Modulator 

 RF Generator and Matching Network 

Plasma and Ion Sources

Sputtering Targets

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