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EPP300A Electrolytic Plasma Polishing EPP System / Machine



Plasma Technology Limited PTL has developed Electrolytic Plasma Polishing EPP technique to polish different material surface. Unlike the electrochemical polishing, EPP process takes place in solution of inorganic salts and is an ecologically safe polishing technique. PTL can provide turnkey service for the technique.


For EPP process, the metallic workpieces will be anodically polarized and are placed in an electrolytic bath. The electrolyte consists of a solution of about 97% water and 2-4% salt. The process produces gas which completely surrounds the workpiece to be polished and results in establishment of plasma layer. This plasma combined with the electrochemical reactions on the workpiece surface led to a reduction of the roughness as well as removes organic and inorganic contaminants with minimal mass loss. Depending on the material specifications the typical material removal lies between 1-5 um per minute. The geometric shape of the component is almost maintained and very low surface roughness (Ra<0.02um ) and high gloss level can be achieved after the process.   


 EPP treatment for Stainless Steel SS Watch Components


EPP treatment for Stainless Steel SS Vacuum Components


EPP treatment for Copper, Brass or Bronze Components


EPP treatment for Brass, Copper/Nickel Alloy Coins


EPP treatment for Titanium Ti, Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V and Nickel Titanium Alloy NiTi


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