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Arc Power Supply    




The AP series arc power inverters are mainly used in multi-arc ion plating, metal plasma sources and electrical arc plasma torches.  It is a low-voltage, high-current power supply with high sensitivity in short-circuit protection.  To assure control of film thickness, ion implantation dose, and arc discharge stability, the power supply is equipped with current stabilizing features.  In addition, it possesses a relatively high no-load voltage and steep voltage change features so as to increase the success of arcing.


The instability and frequent extinction of electrical arc seriously affects the quality of coatings and decreases the efficiency.  Our company specializes in developing power supplies that have arc extinction diagnostics and auto-arcing functions.  The power supply can instantly diagnose the extinction of arc and precisely implements auto re-arcing.  It is especially suitable for multi-arc ion plating systems used for mass production.




Main characteristics

  1. Advanced switching technology with small footprint, stable operation, low noise and low electrical interference
  2. Steepvoltage reduction and auto current stabilizing function ensuring stable operation under highly fluctuating electrical loads
  3. Arc extinction diagnostics and auto-arcing functions
  4. Simple and convenient operation


Main specifications

  1. AP serial arc power inverters have several current output ratings such as 100 A, 150 A, 200 A, 250 A, 300 A, 400 A, 500 A, 600 A, 800 A, 1000 A, 1500 A, 2000, and etc.
  2. Unload voltage: 70 V ~~ 100 V (freely selective)
  3. Operation voltage:        20 V ~~ 40 V using the current stabilization method
  4. Power input:                 three phases 380 V + 10 %






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