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Multi-arc Ion Plating System


Multi-arc ion plating is a coating technology utilizing self-sustained arc discharges of cold cathode as the vaporizing source.  It processes many merits such as high density coatings, strong adhesion force, high deposition rate, surface alloying with the base substrate (metal), and so on.  Various kinds of metal alloy films can be prepared, especially metal-nitride and carbide films including TiN, ZrN, TiAlN, TiC, ZrC which have super-hard characteristics and good corrosion resistance.  The technologies used to produce some of the models are patented, for example, large-area planar multi-arc and columnar magnetron multi-arc ion plating.  The system provides low cost, high efficiency, and stable operation in the production of films with good uniformity.  It is the preferred method to produce single and multi layered coatings.




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