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  Vacuum Systems >> Biological Ion Implantation System

Biological Ion Implantation System

Based on our plasma technology, a biobreeding ion implantation system has been developed and can be used to improve the behavior of microorganisms and conduct plant and crop mutation by utilizing the interactions between the ion beam and organisms.

The implantation system is equipped with both gas and metal ion sources.  The technology can be extended to other bio-engineering applications.



Main Applications


Owing to the slight damage, low mutation ratio, and wide mutation spectra, ion implantation induced mutation is widely used in agricultural and environmental sciences.  Applications include high yield rice, corn breeding, VC microbial improvement, and distilled spirit yeast improvement .


Technical Specifications

Related Scientific Articles:

H. Y. Feng, Z. L. Yu, and P. K. Chu, "Ion implantation of Organisms", Materials Science and Engineering: Reports, vol. 54, no. 3 4, pp. 49 120 (2006).

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